The 5 Pillars of Proximity Marketing


5 Pillars of Proximity Marketing

Phone User
Receive FREE desired content, (videos, wallpapers, coupons, ect)
-They are interested in the content due to their geographic location (just paid $100 for a concert ticket)
-Happy to receive this exclusive content of their favorite artist or sports team
-Content remains on their phone providing multiple views and sending to others 

Content is branded with sponsors’ logos or offers
-Every person that leaves a venue with their content will be getting multiple views of that brand image
-User may “virally spread” the content to an unlimited amount of friends around the world
-Users will redeem content for an offer provided by the by the sponsor

Their face/ music is leaving the venue on thousands of mobile phone
-Increase awareness of the artist
-Ability to drive traffic back to the artist’s site to “engage” the
fans in an offer that requires them to join mailing list / fan club –
rapidly building the artist’s database
-Promote upcoming shows, events, and merchandise
-Bragging rights as innovative performer

-Great public relations opportunity… becoming the FIRST Bluetooth/WiFi enabled venue in the country
-Providing free content for the customers
-Opportunities for revenue streams – (Coupons for concessions)
-Advertising for upcoming events or attractions to target audience already within that venue

The coupons and offers that are delivered may be EXCLUSIVE to certain retailers such as Wal Mart, Target, ect.
-User will be going to retail to redeem the offer
-Drives traffic to retail location – people are free to browse other goods- increasing overall sales