At the Movies

Proximity Marketing at Imax TheatersMovie trailers are an engaging way to create excitement about an upcoming feature film. Now you can take the teaser for the summer blockbuster right from the ticket booth or concourse and share it with your family and friends right after you see it. If there's a coupon attached for a special promotion then they can take advantage of the offer too!!

Imagine standing in line waiting to purchase a ticket for a movie and you suddenly receive a message on your phone that says, " Would you like to see a receive a FREE VIDEO?"

You ACCEPT the message and you are one of the lucky few customers who are treated to a pre-release trailer not seen anywhere else but through an exclusive download.  

Get discounts for your favorite soundtracks, ringtones, movie poster art and more.  Advertisers will appreciate it and consumers can't get enough of it.  Proximity Marketing "At the Movies", now there's a FEATURE PRESENTATION.