Bus Shelters


Bus Shelters are a great place for Proximity Marketing because consumers have plenty of downtime and often find themselves reaching for their cell phones. A consumer sits down and reads a poster board that tells them to “TURN ON YOUR BLUETOOTH VISIBILITY” and “SET TO DISCOVERABLE” in order to receive a FREE movie trailer for an upcoming summer blockbuster.  

After enabling their device, the consumer gets prompted with a permission-based request saying, "Would You Like To Receive A Free Movie Trailer?" The consumer accepts the message and the content is immediately downloaded to their phone. At the end of the trailer, the consumer is excited because he or she receives a special offer to receive a “Buy one Get one FREE to the movie with the unique code BOGO.”

Since the offer was time sensitive for the consumer, they now realize that they have something to do on Friday night. The FREE ticket they receive will pay for their ride home. Creating value and a unique interactive experience for the consumer is what Proximity Marketing does.