Ace Marketing & Promotions Launches a Regional Proximity Marketing Network in Quick Serve Restaurants Across Long Island

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - May 11, 2010) - Ace Marketing & Promotions, Inc. (OTCBB: AMKT) launched a proximity marketing network in 60 franchisee owned and operated Quick Serve Restaurant locations across Long Island, thus creating its first regional network.

Ace's Proximity Marketing technology can communicate with customers' Bluetooth or Wi-Fi enabled cell phones upon entering each franchise location within the network, sending an array of special offers to users who agree to opt in. The content, which is sent through the Proximity Network by Ace and completely independent of any cell phone service provider, is always FREE to the recipient.

This technology has the ability to provide advertisers with real-time statistical reports on the effectiveness of each campaign, detailing how many total users received the content and also how many proceeded to download it. Proximity Marketing advertising operates on a pay-per-download basis, with advertisers paying each time their content is accessed.

The company has been running multiple-location trials throughout the year, and based on the successful of those trials, the company is now launching this new and innovative marketing technology on a full time basis across the entire network.

Dean Julia, chief executive of Ace Marketing, said: "We are offering brands the opportunity to reach millions of consumers with relevant, engaging content which is completely measurable for the advertisers and free for the user. The Quick Serve Restaurants that make up our network average approximately 1 million business transactions per week, which equates to an enormous amount of foot traffic. Our plan is to convert that foot traffic into downloads."

Regional Proximity Marketing campaigns will be handled centrally by Ace Marketing and can be remotely tailored to meet the needs of each individual franchise location. Campaigns will include both franchise specific offers, as well as third party advertising and other relevant regional information.

"We were looking to deploy a simple, easy-to-adopt mobile solution that allowed us to promote our brand while offering our customers relevant content, special offers and discounts. Ace was able to provide that and much more. By becoming part of their Proximity Marketing Network, we are able to cross-market within our region and drive business to our various locations," says Jeff Polizotto, owner/operator of 8 Long Island based Dunkin Donuts Franchise locations. "Partnering with Ace Marketing has given us a great way to reach our customers beyond the traditional advertising methods and the flexibility of Ace's platform allows us to effectively promote a wide range of products and events for us and our marketing partners."

Ace Marketing President Michael Trepeta added, "This network will offer an additional marketing platform for third party brands and sponsors to work within a specific demographic and/or geographic region to reach a wide audience in a targeted way. Quick Serve Restaurant chains are a major sponsor throughout the sports and entertainment industry, which makes the cross marketing opportunity limitless. With the growth and success of this network, we hope to expand into other regions and create a larger national footprint."