According to the most recent report by Nielsen

According to the most recent report by Nielsen,teenagers are still obsessed with their mobile phones. One does not need formalreport to see that these days. Kids and teenagers are glued to their mobilephones or gaming devices. Now try getting them to do anything else. The Mobilerealm is still dominated by American teenagers particularly in messaging andgaming.


The dynamics of their usage varies across the world. InChina 73% of age 15-24 mobile users used the mobile internet in the last 30days, while in U.S. – 48%, UK – 46% and Europe – less than 25%. But across theboard youth mobile users rank highest in regards cell phone usage. These usersare your early adaptors and are most responsive.


They have embraced cell phones as a multifunctioningtool within their lives; for personal interactions/connections, information,gaming, and entertainment. A youth generation that full heartedly relies on itfor all social and love purposes. Who are so happy from an unexpected text fromtheir love interest but annoyed by call from their parents “Just Checkin in”,

or a spam message. They rely on it for a way to practiceor an answer to settle a bet; but despise when the information or experience ismisleading, wrong, lagging, or missing. A culture that has fully accepted alifestyle that takes on the mass of digital information and media. That willdownload music, have a conversation, and research something at once but willalso get complain from being bombarded by too many distracting text messagesand emails. So while advertising to a persons cell phone be sensitive to thefact that it is such a personal, immensely vast, and a vitally relied upontool. So our advertisement must be pleasing, informative, and entertaining, tothe right people at the right timing.